Whitney Miller’s natural talent is evident in the ease in which she styles natural hair and the manner in which she doest it. We were never once worried how she would handle our hair and were very pleased with our results. She was very professional and made getting our hair styled an enjoyable experience.

— Duet Studios

Saida Bahari Summer Campaign5.jpg

Well, at first I was very nervous because I felt like I didn’t really make Whitney’s job that easy. I came in with grown out, fuzzy dreads lol but Whitney still managed to style it beautifully. Not only this, but she didn’t even complain as she was doing it even though I know my head was a challenge. Whitney was very gentle and professional. Was so happy they had her do my hair honestly, I was able to stay true to myself and look amazing.

— Saida

Owenique and Fiance.jpeg

Whitney is definitely good at what she does. She allowed me to select pics of styles I was interested in and when the day came, to me she went an extra mile, she took into consideration the heat of this summer (something I didn’t consider) and gave me a neat, elegant bun with half length braids that were weeks old. The refreshed look of my braids also amazed me.

“You look like a “First Lady!”” This was the most memorable compliment a friend gave me. But, another memorable compliment was the fact that my younger sister (who is like an on-hand fashion guru for me and quite critical of my sense of fashion due to past questionable fashion decisions) loved it.

I’m not the biggest fans of buns and having a braided hairstyle for my wedding never crossed my mind until Whitney opened that window of opportunity that I will definitely climb through.

— Owenique


As the owner of Scharad Lightbourne Photography, I have seen Whitney develop into a dedicated hairstylist with a mind well-adapted to the demands of the photography world.

Whitney and I have worked together on several occasions and I’m always impressed with her level of professionalism and commitment to achieving the best frames for photo-shoots. Her skills adapt to any theme and I’m pleased to always work with her.

My brand is heavily involved in photography and is seen as one of the top in my country. Whitney's overall drive, energy, and character have been an asset to my growth as a photographer and I am proud and feel fortunate that she was so eager to work with me and help my business evolve.

— Scharad Lightbourne

lolita black.jpg

I had the pleasure of working with Whitney on a recent photo shoot. She was extremely professional and very focused on delivering exactly the look the client requested. I am extremely particular about who handles my hair due to negative experiences in the past. Whitney put me at ease because she had a gentle touch and used high quality products. I look forward to having her style me again!

— Loleta

Melissa_Small Box Braids.jpg

“I decided to work with Whitney because I’ve known her for a while and she’s such an easy going person. I wanted braids and stressed that I didn’t want them too tight, because I am particularly sensitive to hair braiding but love the look and ease of styling in the mornings. Whitney ACTUALLY listened to me and provided me with EXACTLY what I was looking for. She was pleasant, timely and enjoyable to be around. Would definitely recommend!”

— Melissa Alcena

Ebony 1.png

“It was fun having her do my hair and be present at the photo shoot! From the beginning she was chill and funny, and helped calm my nerves. Plus she was THE PERFECT hype woman when taking pics!”

— Ebony

Julius Bethel Testimonial Photo.jpg

“What made me want to work with Whitney is her “off-the-wall” approach to creative material (which was the right choice because it’s been an interesting experience so far). She’s hilarious on set while styling, making everyone feel comfortable. She has definitely helped obtain heavenly visuals with her unique hair styles. I look forward to the other stellar visuals we will collaborate on.”

— Julius Bethel


“I loved my experience from the beginning to the ending. I was a bit timid because of my thick hair but Whitney went through a 4c like it was straight. Professional and crazy cool all at once. Until next time... #whitneyrocks”

— Clydeana