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My name is Whitney Miller and I’m an Editorial Natural Hair Stylist based in Nassau, Bahamas. My specialty is styling Afros, coils, and curls. I am so passionate about becoming that go-to natural hair stylist for editorial photo shoots and special events because of my own experiences in front of the camera. I've felt excluded and embarrassed before because there wasn't someone on set who knew how to do my hair. I want to create more inclusivity in the industry by catering to people who want to rock their natural hair with confidence. With my experience, creativity, and sense of humour, I believe I can do just that.

I did my big chop (cut off my chemically-relaxed hair) in 2007 because I was tired of being dependent on hair chemicals which caused major hair breakage and scalp sores. I also really just wanted to see what my actual hair looked like since I hadn't really "seen" it since I was a young child (I got my hair relaxed when I was about 10). My natural gift for styling hair made this transition pretty painless. Through lots of research, trial and error, experimentation, and practice, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with my clients.

Creative and gorgeous natural hair styles are being highlighted in the media much more nowadays like in magazines, the red carpet, and movies (WAKANDA FOREVER!) What makes this time so exciting is that it shows that not only is natural hair diverse in texture, color, length, volume, density (shall I go on?) but it is also beautiful. I want my clients to know that they are part of what makes this time so beautiful.

I’m so grateful that you took the time to read my story and what I'm about. Honestly, the idea of helping people with natural hair feel fab for their photoshoot or special event makes me feel all good inside. If you're ready to feel fab, let’s just work together now because I’m getting overly excited about getting creative with you. Let’s do this!